Respiratory Therapy & Sleep Services

Howard County Medical Center employs a Respiratory Therapist to assist with a variety of patient needs.

Our Respiratory Therapist assists with any inpatient treatments and procedures related to Respiratory Therapy, in addition to outpatient procedures which include the following: 

Pulmonary Rehab 

    • Up to 36 sessions for qualifying diagnosis
    • Prior authorization required
    • Pulmonary Rehab helps teach patients how to change lifestyles with healthy eating and exercise. Patients are able to participate in a therapeutic exercise routine while under the direct supervision of a Respiratory Therapist.

Pulmonary Function Testing

    • Pre/Post spirometry, DLCO, lung volumes
    • Adult and pediatric
    • No prior authorization required 

Home Sleep Tests

    • Adults
    • Prior authorization required

In-Lab Sleep Studies

    • We have 2 beds here at HCMC
    • Adult and pediatric
    • Polysomnography only
    • Split night polysomnography
    • CPAP/BiPAP titration
    • Prior authorization required

Six Minute Walks

    • Will set up home O2 if requested

Pulmonary & Sleep Telehealth Clinic

    • Dr. Kalpesh Ganatra and our Respiratory Therapist
    • Located in our Specialty Clinic 

Insurance may cover some or all of the Respiratory Therapy services received at Howard County Medical Center. Patients are encouraged to either check with their insurance companies or contact our Patient Accounts Representatives and they would be happy to help as well.





Brittany Christensen, RT 

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